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In English, we weave in the language of the Quran. In Math, we demonstrate how al-Khawarizmi, a Muslim from India invented the numbers we use today.

At Sunnah Life Academy (SLA), Islamic Studies isn't taught separately, rather it’s integrated into every lesson. We embed the Revelation into education to teach kids that Islam is a way of life and our faith is part and parcel of everything we do.  


Do you remember the last time you used your knowledge on battery-powered potatoes, parallelograms, SOH CAH TOA and dissections? Neither do we.

At SLA, we teach real-world life skills that matter. How to author a children's book, assembling furniture, cooking a meal and treating a sprained ankle are just some of the skills our Sunnah Life Stars have already accomplished walhamdulillaah.


Some educational institutes focus solely on academics, others on spirituality, but not us.

With a balance between Islamic studies, life-skills, academics and sports, our academy is holistic in nature. We aim to nourish each child's being, not just their brain by focusing on their spiritual, mental, social and physical development through the lens of our deen.

What's On Offer


We provide workshops, educational courses, excursions, activities and sports programs that go beyond the curriculum and nourish the spiritual, academic, mental and physical development of our youth*.

Our approach is simple. Hands-on, relevant, life-skills focused and individualised while naturally embedding our deen into each lesson and activity. Want that in one word? Holistic.

*Our programs are strictly for Kindy to Year 8 students. We do not offer pre-kindy programs.

Food for thought


Do you crave a more holistic and balanced education for your child?

Do you feel society has left our youth unprepared for today’s life challenges?

Is your child’s individualism being neglected or dismissed?

Do you feel like your child is being treated as a number and squeezed into a box?

Would you like your child to gain more important life skills?

Then perhaps SLA is for you. Here's more of the good stuff...

We don’t focus on mere memorisation of facts. Kids are taught what they need, when they need it. The mind needs igniting, not filling.

"Great teachers don't focus on compliance, 

but on connections and relationships."



It's the second time we've said this, but we can't stress this point enough. Islam is not just taught as a separate subject, it’s weaved into every activity, excursion and workshop until it's ingrained in the children's psyche that our deen is a way of life and connected to everything we do.


Our programs go beyond curriculums expectations. We aim to 'break the script' in order to enrich student learning. In the 2017 International Report, Australia ranked 39 out of 41 high and middle-income countries in providing quality education. Not much has changed since. 
It's time to rethink the way we educate because if we always do what we've always done, we'll always get what we always got.


All our courses and workshops have low student-instructor ratios with a maximum of 15 kids each.

"Ample research indicates that children in smaller groups participate more and achieve better outcomes, both academic and otherwise."
Baker, B. D., Farrie, D. and Sciarra, D. G. (2016).


Current education models place immense work/study loads and pressures on students, hence the rise in deteriorating mental and physical health amongst school-aged children with countless sufferers of ADHD, OCD, anxiety and obesity.

Our tuition and program ensures we focus purely on what the students need. A tree can’t grow if it is drowned with water. Less is more.



Learning the rituals of Hajj from a book is one thing, but visiting the Ka’bah and making duaa at Arafah is another. The fixation on textbooks is itself part of the problem. At SLA, we don’t teach the scientific names of plants, we actually plant. The world is a moving target, so our education of our learners needs to cater for that, otherwise we are preparing our kids for a world that won’t exist by the time they graduate.

"We only get one chance to raise our children, but if we do it right, once is enough."

Life at Sunnah Life in Bankstown

- Our own private building ensuring the safety, security and privacy of your children during our workshops and programs
- Freshly renovated premises
- Modern, clean space
- Paul Keating Park, Bankstown Library, shops and public transport within safe walking distance
- Outside school peak hours